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  1. Debra Ackley (126)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 4/14/2008 11:28 AM
    Okay, looked at it again... Not sure about the fourth one, but... The bar chord shape ex: Dmaj7 > D7 > Dmin7 same goes for any of the notes with same shape cho|5|5|7|6|7|5|D maj 7|cho cho|5|5|7|5|7|5|D 7|cho cho|5|5|7|5|6|5|D min 7|cho...(more)
  2. Debra Ackley (126)
    Instructional Forum · 28 Hits · 4/9/2008 7:03 PM
    Isn't that a Caug? Looks like it to me.
  3. Debra Ackley (126)
    Instructional Forum · 20 Hits · 4/9/2008 6:56 PM
    Oops...wrong guess I need to lok at it again. At least I've had an opprotunity to check out this insert a chord chart thing in the software. That was two moves, not just one.
  4. Debra Ackley (126)
    Instructional Forum · 26 Hits · 4/9/2008 6:50 PM
    Not sure how to show and tell. from major to minor changes Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Fmaj7 cho|x|3|5|4|5|x|Cmaj7|cho cho|x|5|7|x|6|x|Dm7|cho Some chord charts show barring the 3rd fret for the Cmaj7 and barring the 5th fret for the Dm7.
  5. Debra Ackley (126)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 101 Hits · 3/9/2008 10:18 AM
    Truth is , they're probably not kidding...