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  1. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 22 Hits · 5/23/2007 12:46 AM
    Does she sing or hum? <br /> People often find it easier to keep a rhythm when it's tied in with singing (or just hearing) a tune. If all the emphasis is focussed on playing out an exact beat by itself, the fingers, and the brain, can jam up. G...(more)
  2. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 38 Hits · 5/22/2007 2:33 PM
    Just had another look at M de C and realised I hadn't actually shown the chords bar by bar (since it was done without a groove). <br /> I'm sure this could be confusing to some people so I've fixed it!
  3. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 22 Hits · 5/22/2007 1:33 PM
    Any ideas yet? You know this student better than we do.
  4. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 5/21/2007 10:56 AM
    I can't pretend I ever did a lot of teeth cleaning between lessons, Charlie!
  5. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 21 Hits · 5/20/2007 10:37 AM
    Oh, by the way, is it next week yet? :)
  6. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 31 Hits · 5/20/2007 10:35 AM
    <i>but would I want the sherpa who had forgotten what it was like not to know anything?</i> No, you wouldn't! That's why good teachers are rare.
  7. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 17 Hits · 5/19/2007 9:47 PM
    What I meant by the money thing was that some players turn to teaching to make bucks and they put the bucks first and the teaching second. I don't say they shouldn't charge, only that they're unlikely to make good teachers if they're only using ...(more)
  8. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Instructional Forum · 27 Hits · 5/19/2007 11:37 AM
    What do you mean by a 'bunch of things'? You mean you've just been throwing stuff out as it came along without any real plan? And now you can't think what else to do? If that's the case, sorry to say, maybe you shouldn't have been teaching! Yo...(more)
  9. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 57 Hits · 4/14/2007 6:43 PM
    Thanks, Ron, though it owes more to Chet Baker than me, of course! I was surprised that it converted so easily to guitar. Strange, I just happened to find it. Cheers, Alf.
  10. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    WholeNote Forum · 30 Hits · 3/12/2007 1:46 PM
    I've got to be honest. I don't know any of you, and I certainly ain't no prude, but I don't see what porn has to do with music. <br /><br /> This website is about guitar playing and music. Religion, politics, porn, abuse, etc, have nothing to d...(more)
  11. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 55 Hits · 3/3/2007 10:37 AM
    Thanks, Adrian. Play it, play it! Seriously, it is quite fun to play. After you've got the notes it tends to slip off the fingers. It gets sort of sensuous... quite addictive too! Also, there are some really lovely bluegrass songs. It's not all...(more)
  12. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 2/23/2007 9:42 PM
    Thanks Jeremy. I see you've only posted the chords, and I think that's what the Chord Chart's for. You can make your own shapes, as below, but I think when it comes to grooves we take what's there! cho|3|x|3|4|5|x|G13|cho
  13. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    WholeNote Forum · 40 Hits · 2/14/2007 3:14 AM
    Thanks, Charlie, I've got it figured now!
  14. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    WholeNote Forum · 28 Hits · 2/12/2007 5:26 PM
    Thanks for that, except I can't see the point of having 32 bars at one's disposal if you can't use them!!! <i> sorry! </i>
  15. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 80 Hits · 2/12/2007 11:13 AM
    Ed - Yes, I know. I've put in a message to feedback asking for ideas on resolving it. What's happened is that the grooves play fine but the sequences don't. Or rather some do. The notes are in there okay and saved, but it won't play from bar 1...(more)
  16. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    Open Forum · 65 Hits · 2/7/2007 9:39 AM
    Thanks, Alan. More to come.
  17. Alfred Scoggins (5193)
    WholeNote Forum · 112 Hits · 2/4/2007 2:24 PM
    1. When I delete a page the numbers of the lesson pages don't re-order themselves. I'm missing a page! 2. How do you carry a note from one bar to the next when it's end of a line? 3. Can you make the groove start after the sequence so you can ...(more)