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  1. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 21 Hits · 10/26/2006 11:23 PM
    thats pretty interesting. Not enough to drive me mad just yet, but I only listened for a short while. Sounds almost like a form of torture the way the article describes it. <br /><br /> Whats with that weird fading in and out noise on top of ...(more)
  2. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Instructional Forum · 17 Hits · 10/17/2006 11:21 PM
    If the fretboard isn't showing, then I really have no furthur suggestions. So, the only advice I can give you is to follow Chesters advice, as it seems sound. If you have anymore questions or anything of that sort, just ask as I (and I'm certa...(more)
  3. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Instructional Forum · 13 Hits · 10/16/2006 8:43 PM
    hmm. I don't know about methodical, but I hope this helps.<br /><br /> The composer is hard to get a handle on. Very hard sometimes, and frustrating occasionally. To create lesson, go to your members page, then go to My Music, then go to New...(more)
  4. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Instructional Forum · 17 Hits · 10/16/2006 5:25 PM
    Seems like a very good site. The confirmation email still hasn't come unfortunately... <br /><br /> I've heard good things about that book of his too. I don't want to order online however. Is it in stores anywhere?
  5. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Open Forum · 29 Hits · 10/14/2006 7:49 PM
    This is one of the cleanest sites I've come across that has a forum. Full of intelligent opinions, well thought out posts, and excellent help on guitar subjects. I think the biggest benefit of the whole thing is the composer though. It makes ...(more)
  6. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 17 Hits · 10/14/2006 7:45 PM
    Science is going at a very quick rate. Quantum mechanics may even become obsolete, if anyone can come up with a falsifiable experiment to prove string theory. And we still haven't applied quantum mechanics to everything yet! Newtons laws of g...(more)
  7. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Open Forum · 16 Hits · 10/13/2006 11:13 PM
    I agree with you Kevin. I had sent this intending it private. Not a big problem Dino. Your lesson is looking better already.
  8. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 14 Hits · 10/13/2006 6:16 PM
    I think its well past time this little "debate" ends. I hope no one was offended. I have much more to say on this subject, but I fear it will be ill recieved. <br /><br /> Would it be okay if I were to continue talking about evolution? I'm g...(more)
  9. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 14 Hits · 10/13/2006 5:29 PM
    That is a rather good argument, though not without flaws. Evolution is <i>not</i> fact. It is an unproven theory with many problems. Evidence of this is the missing link, which many scientists are looking for right now. Now, I don't know a l...(more)
  10. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 19 Hits · 10/12/2006 10:40 PM
    Very good post. Lot of relevant history there.
  11. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 12 Hits · 10/12/2006 8:43 PM
    Haven't heard of that particular bible. Just know that you have to be careful with translations. Especially kinds that translate things into "understandable" english. I've gotten used to thee's and thou's, though I do occasionally come across...(more)
  12. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Announcements Forum · 30 Hits · 10/12/2006 7:28 PM
    well, this is perhaps unrelated, but I'm having troubles going into you sight Kirk. Tryed twice already, both times I was at it for a while, and it still didn't work. Username taken, so I type in something else, but of course now my email addr...(more)
  13. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 16 Hits · 10/12/2006 7:15 PM
    I've thought of this. This is why I only read the King James Version, although I'm sure its subject to its own inaccuracies. Learning hebrew and then reading the bible would be very interesting I'm sure. I've heard of a few examples of hebrew...(more)
  14. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 14 Hits · 10/11/2006 11:57 PM
    Hmm... Well, you have to realize, the bible has been amazingly accruate about all sorts of different things...<br /><br /> Also, what about the dinosaurs? Sure there are bones, but do you really believe they are millions of years old? The wh...(more)
  15. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 86 Hits · 10/7/2006 11:04 PM
    The whole Pluto thing doesn't bother me much. Dwarf planet or planet, its just a little rock that happens to be big enough for its own gravity to make it spherical. Also, heres some info: <a href="">...(more)
  16. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Artists Forum · 13 Hits · 10/7/2006 10:37 PM
    Well, I thought the Flash programming was fine. Kinda cool. Took far to long to load, but other then that I thought it was alright. What part didn't you like?
  17. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Instructional Forum · 13 Hits · 10/7/2006 12:20 AM
    Hmm. FingerPicking. I have often wanted to start fingerpicking. The idea of being able to play multiple rhytms at once is kinda cool. However, I've tried many times, and I always end up using a pick and a finger. <br /><br /> Just a little ...(more)
  18. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 18 Hits · 10/5/2006 7:06 PM
    Well, I'm glad you cleared that up. Didn't know what a levy was. <br /><br /> However, just letting science take its "natural course" doesn't work so simply. You can't just wait for some genius to clean things up for you. Perhaps that wasn't...(more)
  19. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 17 Hits · 10/3/2006 7:31 PM
    Hmm. Some very good points here. <br /><br /><i>No, because of the displacement that takes place, as the ice changes form into water. The flooding idea is much magnified by those with a more political than scientific agenda.</i> I thought abou...(more)
  20. Kyle Neufeld (803)
    Miscellaneous Forum · 13 Hits · 10/2/2006 11:53 PM
    yes, the ice caps will get warmer... but still colder than your average ocean water. So there will be more cold water. Just a thought, not sure what really would happen if the caps would melt.