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  1. Will Kriski (169)
    Artists Forum · 15 Hits · 11/14/2006 12:30 PM
    Good question Jason. I studied jazz for 2 years in college (after 25 years of playing rock and blues) and was extremely frustrated with all the theory and scales/exercises. My take is that it's better to learn a lot of melodic 'cells' or small...(more)
  2. Will Kriski (169)
    Open Forum · 31 Hits · 4/29/2006 2:00 PM
    Thanks Rick, I agree with you - I actually use a combination of blues with other notes (chord tones, etc) as you mention. For this lesson I just wanted to focus on the minor pentatonic so that it's not too overwhelming (just with 5 notes). At ...(more)
  3. Will Kriski (169)
    Instructional Forum · 20 Hits · 4/29/2006 1:42 PM
    Many musicians are not at a level where they can spontaneously create a memorable solo. If you can create a melodic idea, then develop it (repeating the idea by altering the melody or rhythm over the chord changes), and alter the dynamics, spee...(more)
  4. Will Kriski (169)
    Open Forum · 22 Hits · 4/28/2006 12:24 PM
    Thanks for your response Robert. We are both correct actually. I will be leading students in subsequent lessons towards adding chord tones (the C# as you correctly point out). In the blues you can actually use the minor 3rd (C) over the A7 ch...(more)