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  1. Obee Obier (4521)
    Artists Forum · 19 Hits · 4/17/2005 9:51 PM
    I don't know Solo Albums, but He played to Albums with David Lee Roth/Steve Vai Eat em and smile and Skyscraper
  2. Obee Obier (4521)
    Instructional Forum · 15 Hits · 4/10/2005 10:14 PM
    like writing with a pen
  3. Obee Obier (4521)
    Instructional Forum · 16 Hits · 4/10/2005 10:13 PM
    If you do this for a long time, there is no speed limitation between both grip techniques and it's possible do switch between them while playing. you can let lay index finger on the pick. obee
  4. Obee Obier (4521)
    Instructional Forum · 114 Hits · 4/10/2005 8:53 PM
    Hello I do this grip technique, so I can tap with the index finger, and got more control over the deepness to pick - dynamic. But for hard rhythm playing I hold the pick between the thumb and index finger. In my opinion they are both the "Cor...(more)
  5. Obee Obier (4521)
    Equipment Forum · 30 Hits · 4/10/2005 6:50 PM
    most of the tube amps can not handle "the british" all Knobs to 10. Normally the End tubes will die but sometimes there is more damage. I see this many times. obee