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Jazz Progression + Lead Line
Jazz 1-6-2-5 progession with jazz lead. Key is C major. Added some harmonic minor notes towards the end, lead starts with G mixolydian.
Jazz · Advanced · 5039 Hits · 5.00/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 4/2/2003
A jazz/latin standard. Key is Bb, easy chords, nice progression.
Jazz · Advanced · 2725 Hits · 5.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 12/29/2004
Chapters Of Shred Guitar
Within this lesson one will find the Intermediate to Advanced techniques use by many of today's top shred virtuoso guitarist. Covering everything from Economy Picking, to Modal Patterns, Sweep picking, use of exotic scales, and many more.
Metal · Advanced · 49077 Hits · 4.85/5 (13 ratings) · Last modified: 4/19/2004
Sweep Arpeggio Practice 1
Sweep Arpeggio Practice 1
Metal · Intermediate · 8802 Hits · 4.80/5 (10 ratings) · Last modified: 12/7/2004
Great Exercises
These are some of the best exercises that I know! These will build strength in your hands, both your picking and fretting fingers will benefit from these exercises. Exercises here for sweeping, alternate picking, legato, and more! Check this out!
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 9832 Hits · 4.75/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 11/17/2004
II V I Licks (jazz)
Various II V I Licks. These licks are some of the most important licks to learn for jazz guitar. Almost every jazz standard contains some variation of a II V I. Almost all have at least a II V. Check it out. Enjoy.
Jazz · Intermediate · 16444 Hits · 4.53/5 (15 ratings) · Last modified: 7/16/2005
Walking Jazz Blues With Chords
This is a walking blues peice with chords, in the key of Bb. I'm sure everyone would like to learn more walking blues lines, so check this one out. It's killer, but easy.
Jazz · Advanced · 4437 Hits · 4.46/5 (13 ratings) · Last modified: 10/14/2005
An Original Jazz Tune
Just an original jazz tune that I created with a nice catchy solo, enjoy.
Jazz · Advanced · 8276 Hits · 4.40/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 4/4/2003
Building Finger Strength + Dexterity
8 Finger Exercise's that are guaranteed to boost finger Strength and Dexterity. This lesson is a MUST for every guitarist.
Basics · Intermediate · 21961 Hits · 4.12/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 7/20/2005
String Skips, Arps, And Exercises
Diatonic Scale Exercise, String Skips, and Arpeggio Patterns.
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 9076 Hits · 4.00/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 7/20/2005
Jason Becker Arp Sweep
Jason Becker Arpeggio Sweep
Metal · Expert · 4081 Hits · 4.00/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 11/18/2004
Amazing Grace Chord Melody
Simple chord melody arrangement arranged by myself for the gospel classic "Amazing Grace" - Enjoy
Christian · Intermediate · 21702 Hits · 3.89/5 (28 ratings) · Last modified: 10/14/2005
Amazing Finger Style Peice
This is the finger style piece that Jason Becker plays in the song AIR. If you haven't heard this before, check it out. It's a beautiful piece.
Classical · Expert · 8442 Hits · 3.80/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 7/20/2005
Jazz/Latin Progression #1
Progression that gets a player use to using the major/minor/dominant seventh chords.
Jazz · Intermediate · 3115 Hits · 3.75/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 4/1/2003
Becoming Non-Generic
This lesson will show how to take a different approach when it comes to soloing over a progression. It will give you ideas to not have that generic sound, and creating a different sounding solo, that is impressive.
Experimental · Expert · 4056 Hits · 3.67/5 (6 ratings) · Last modified: 12/7/2004
Learn Some Different Jazz/blues Licks
Jazzy type background with Bluesy Jazz walking guitar using mixolydian and blues scale, a few arpeggios aswell.
Jazz · Intermediate · 2768 Hits · 3.67/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 2/7/2004
Inversions Of 7th Chords
In this lesson I will cover my favorite shapes for 7th chord inversions... including several examples of Min7, Min7-5, m(Maj7), Maj7, Maj7-5, Maj7+5, Dom7, Dom7+5(Aug7), Dom7-5, and Dim7 inversions.
Theory/Reference · Advanced · 6125 Hits · 3.50/5 (2 ratings) · Last modified: 10/12/2005
For The Shred Guitar Fanatics
Various licks to help with string skipping and alternate picking, and using all 4 fingers when playing. Licks from Paul Gilbert, Frank Gamble, and Jason Becker, etc! Check it out! More will be added over the next couple of days!
Metal · Advanced · 14124 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 12/4/2004
Arpeggio Etude
Beautiful sounding classical Etude I just wrote. Combines chromatics and leading tones with major and minor arpeggios, still needs some polishing but the jist of it is here.
Classical · Advanced · 6129 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 12/7/2004
Minuet In G For Touch Style Guitar
Want to play with two hands on the fretboard, like a piano player ? One hand playing the bass, the other playing the melody? Check out my arrangment on a popular classical peice. Enjoy!
Classical · Advanced · 2720 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 6/9/2005