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Out Of The Rut #3 - Basic Improvising
Using the five minor pentatonic patterns and a simple chord sequence, here are some suggestions and ideas on how to link these together and play all over the fretboard.
Basics · Beginner · 7116 Hits · 4.62/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 11/3/2001
Analasis - Play Along With Anything - II
Some more well-known songs looked at with suggestions on how to work out what is going on. A reinforcement of the first lesson and an introduction to the next lessons planned which cover key change and brigde parts of a song.
Basics · Beginner · 19572 Hits · 5.00/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 12/31/2001
Breaking Out Of The Rut - #1
A lesson to help break out of the 'rut' and develop some useful speed and co-ordination skills.
Basics · Beginner · 15667 Hits · 4.78/5 (23 ratings) · Last modified: 10/30/2001
Out Of The Rut #2 - Speed Building
If you are comfortable with the first exercise, here are some more patterns to practice. Make them into a drill - do them while watching television, a movie - in other words - learn to do them instinctively!
Basics · Beginner · 8912 Hits · 4.33/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 10/10/2001
Analasis - Play Along With Anything - I
This series will have a look at some well known popular songs and 'deconstruct' them in order to learn some strategies which will help you to play almost anything 'by ear'! Introducing I - IV - V7 and relative minor concepts.
Basics · Beginner · 41429 Hits · 4.05/5 (19 ratings) · Last modified: 12/31/2001
Up And Across Scale Patterns
Some patterns for scale practice and a few major scales from open position to 21st fret.
Theory/Reference · Intermediate · 6116 Hits · 4.00/5 (1 rating) · Last modified: 11/9/2001
Signs And Terms - Volume And Speed
I hope to build on the terms and symbols I have listed here. Over time, I aim to have a reasonably comprehensive list for easy reference. Boring stuff, but useful to those of us who are not too familiar with them.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 2700 Hits · 3.25/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 12/16/2001
Easy Lead Licks
Some simple licks for beginners. Try these across the chords suggested, then move the patterns to other positions for other chords.
Basics · Beginner · 10142 Hits · 3.20/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 11/9/2001