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Minor Pentatonic Scales Over The Blues
A lesson on blues soloing using only the minor pentatonic scale over a blues progression. While other notes can be used this gives you a specific sound (more open) although you miss some targeted chord tones in a blues progression.
Blues · Intermediate · 8723 Hits · 3.67/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 11/16/2006
Beginner Lesson - Basic Chords (Video!)
For beginners, this lesson shows you how to play some basic chords so that you can play songs using photos, video and diagrams. It includes a link to a video which explains some common problems such as buzzing, notes not sounding, sore hands, etc.
Basics · Beginner · 3270 Hits · 4.67/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 11/13/2006
Writing Metal Riffs
How to play and create some metal riffs using palm muting, alternate picking, power chords, and controlling distortion.
Metal · Beginner · 3557 Hits · 4.00/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 7/22/2007
Bar Chords With Video
How to play bar(re) chords for major and minor shapes with video.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 1378 Hits · 3.67/5 (3 ratings) · Last modified: 12/14/2006
How To Practice Scales
How to learn scales in each position, connecting positions, horizontally across neck, using sequences. Example uses C major scale.
Basics · Intermediate · 3411 Hits · 3.22/5 (9 ratings) · Last modified: 7/22/2007