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"Ride" is my first crack at hard disk recording with Steinberg's Cubase AV. This song was an idea I'd been kicking around for quite awhile. Kind of a chucka chucka song....(more)
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I tried my hand at remastering to clean it up abit
Rock/Pop · 65 Hits
Recorded over about 10 years ago. A song written for my kids.
World · 35 Hits
This one was written when attending school in Los Angeles
Jazz · 19 Hits
Fender w/ emg's and gk2a pickup zoom505II roland sound canvas cubase lite
Rock/Pop · 17 Hits
Just a fun rockin' tune. Starts out in E minor (Em-A-G-A-(Asus-A) then modulates to C lydian (C-Cb5) to D mixolydian( Dsus9-D9) to A Dorian (C/A-D/A-C/A-G/A then A (A-As...(more)
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