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Our other guitarist (Chris Eldridge) came up with the initial riff and he and I built upon it from there. I play the higher chord inversions heard on the right as he p...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2467 Hits
Another 80s-style riff from our "80s guy" Chris, this one is another example of how everyone's input helps to shape the final outcome into being something more of our ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2375 Hits
Well, I can't say much about this tune because we didn't write it, but it is a fun little ditty from a band (Slick Lilly) who used to hail out of B'ham, AL (just South...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2960 Hits
This entire song was inspired by an open baritone tuning I stumbled upon by accident [low to high: A,E,A,E,A,C#] one fateful rainy day. As soon as I had discovered it ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2130 Hits