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Storm a Comin' was written in about 1983. It's not particularly auto-biographical, but I was at a crossroads back then in my personal life. The song, which wound up on my...(more)
Blues · 13198 Hits
This tune was recorded way back in the early eighties for my album "No Apostrophe". It was an after thought in some ways. I had scrapped a couple of tunes and I needed so...(more)
Funk/R&B · 2916 Hits
This was my submission for the theme to a TV show that was in production years ago. I didn't get the job, but I still reckon it's got a good, themey quality about it. The...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2799 Hits
This is a very short piece I submitted amongst several others to a TV show that was looking for a theme and incidental music. It's an acoustic slide thing, only about a m...(more)
Blues · 3332 Hits
The Train is 4 tracks of guitar in Drop D tuning, recorded using ProTools (free version) audio software, on an iMac using a little plastic mic. I set up the feel, looped ...(more)
Blues · 3831 Hits
This song was recorded straight into my iMac using Cuebase. I have only just acquired a computer powerful enough to do some home recordings of my instrumentals, and I nee...(more)
Acoustic/Folk · 3603 Hits