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The intro Am - Em - Dmaj - Em uses upstrokes to start things off, then goes into a short flatpicking routine. This is a fairly simple song in A minor (one of my favorite ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 3418 Hits
You may hear this while the credits at the end of a Stephen King movie are rolling. That's how I describe this eerie sounding tune! <br/><br/> This thing is totally exper...(more)
Experimental · 3247 Hits
I wrote and recorded this when I first began the learning process of home recording on a PC. I always liked the tune, but the recording was not up to par. Well, I decided...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2720 Hits
A moody and intense instrumental piece. <br/><br/> I wrote and recorded this last summer (2001), when I was undecided about some things in my life. As a result, this tune...(more)
Rock/Pop · 3615 Hits
This number evolved sometime in the middle of the night and I actually got up and recorded parts of it so I would not forget it. This sort of thing happens all the time, ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 3087 Hits
I wrote this a few years ago, except for the lead guitar part (I winged it). It is one of my first attempts to record a tune on my PC. I have this number on my homepage, ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 2845 Hits