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I know it will be hard for most of you to believe but this track was done by me in a single take...
Metal · 90 Hits
This is one song I've always loved from the album "The Wall" ever since I was a kid...and I guess this is one of the most influential albums by Pink Floyd along with ones...(more)
Experimental · 109 Hits
I'll be honest here. This track happened when I was doing my everyday personal practice jam. But the good bit is that more than most of the time my machine (system) remai...(more)
Experimental · 105 Hits
One of my poems (yes, I happen to be a writer too) in perfect tandem with the music groove I created...ending every single progression bit of the loop with this little sc...(more)
Experimental · 113 Hits
Just Fooled around with a RP get the eerie atmosphere existing within an abandoned tunnel...and visualising about getting stuck inside the prevalent
Experimental · 108 Hits