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This is my chord melody arrangement of the Beatles classic "Michelle." For the notation and tab, visit my site:
Jazz · 208 Hits
This is a fingerstyle blues based on an accompaniment played by the Texas bluesman/songster Mance Lipscomb. I'm pretty sure this is based on an arrangement by Ernie Hawki...(more)
Blues · 50 Hits
This is to accompany the guitar lesson "James Alley Blues." This is an arrangement of the tune as played by Roger McGuinn. See the full lesson here: http://www.wholenote...(more)
Blues · 41 Hits
This is the first guitar instrumental I wrote, way back in 2007. It is in open tuning. The goal was to create a sort of emergent melody line out of a thick texture of sou...(more)
Acoustic/Folk · 11 Hits