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  1. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 10/25/1999 · 9401 Hits
    Many of the lessons featured on Wholenote center on making us, the guitarist, become better musicians and more acclimated on our instruments. There is one exception, and that is the art of "comping". Many teachers/books define "comping" as the...(more)
  2. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 1/17/2000 · 10556 Hits
    <font size=5>W</font>hy do we <b>practice</b>? What a question. We practice in order to develop and shape the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facilities that help us interpret the music we wish to play. To sit in one position for ...(more)
  3. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 11/29/1999 · 18745 Hits
    <i>"There is nothing permanent except change."</i><br> - Heraclitus (535-475 B.C.) <br/><br/> What!? Ancient philosophical quotes in a modern music format? Change is needed, change is necessary. Then, along comes Miles Davis. This article is...(more)
  4. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 11/15/1999 · 8585 Hits
    Practice, Practice, Practice. The words spin around your head at all times of the day. How much? How often? Who knows! So you say you have no energy on the day? You don't have a spare 14 hours to practice today? The sight of your guita...(more)
  5. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 10/23/2000 · 5585 Hits
    Hello, and welcome once again. This article will attempt to address the many questions one may have when it comes to choosing a good guitar instructor. <br/><br/> The first thing one must determine is if you really need a teacher for lessons...(more)