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  1. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 6/4/2002 · 29238 Hits
    Well, after a lot of input from you all, one of the biggest questions asked went something like: "How do I make my soloing sound like music and not just scales?". <br/><br/> Everyone who plays guitar will have to pass through this phase of accom...(more)
  2. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 12/20/2001 · 11144 Hits
    I get a lot of emails from people saying that they practice a lot but still can't seem to play or execute moves like their favorite guitarist. Let's take a look at exactly what you're aiming for here. <br/><br/> You've heard the term "Practi...(more)
  3. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 10/25/2001 · 7130 Hits
    Dynamics are essential to your guitar playing and songwriting. They are yet another weapon in the arsenal of many techniques you can use to spice up your music. <br/><br/> What are dynamics? <br/><br/> Well, they come in many forms. I'll discu...(more)
  4. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 5/15/2001 · 7588 Hits
    Once I got over the initial learning phase of implementing arpeggios into my playing, I began to experiment with other ways of using them in my compositions besides with just sweep picking. I wanted a new riff so I began thinking about arpegg...(more)
  5. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 13659 Hits
    Undoubtedly, one of the most popular subjects that my students inquire about is how to get their fingers to fly over fretboard clean and fast. <br/><br/> I remember being floored by two and only two guitarists in my entire life. Ed Van Halen...(more)
  6. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 11/8/2000 · 7934 Hits
    I've had several inquiries about how I played the main riff to "Fill In The _____" from my debut CD "Will Landrum", so I though I'd talk about it today. It involves a technique that I call "Piano Tapping" where you do right hand tapping as t...(more)
  7. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 9/3/2000 · 8328 Hits
    String bends are an important part of your overall playing ability. This technique is great for allowing feel and emotion to come out in your playing. <br/><br/> Two important aspects of string bending are: <ol><li>Finger strength <li>Ear Tra...(more)
  8. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 7/10/2000 · 13624 Hits
    One of the most powerful ways you can spice up your tunes whether you're recording or playing live is to harmonize your leads and melodies. <br/><br/> When you're ready to sink your teeth into this creative approach, you'll have taken a giant...(more)
  9. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 5/15/2000 · 8010 Hits
    Ever wonder how someone could be so good at what they do? Do you wonder if you could ever be as good as your favorite guitar player? <br/><br/> Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! I'm also here to give you some insight as to how. There a...(more)
  10. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 3/6/2000 · 10486 Hits
    I've talked to a lot of people who's main complaint is "I can't get out of playing the same scale pattern." After a little more probing, I discover that they are totally familiar with the root pentatonic minor pattern, (like A pentatonic min...(more)
  11. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 1/24/2000 · 10512 Hits
    Howdy! Today, I want to share one of my favorite exercises. Don't worry. Just because it's an exercise, doesn't mean it will be boring! <br/><br/> When practiced enough, this exercise will single handedly improve multiple areas of your playing <...(more)
  12. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 1/10/2000 · 62475 Hits
    <i>Note: If you're left handed, just replace the word "right" with the word "left" while reading this article.</i> <br/><br/> <b>Right hand tapping</b> was popularized in the late 70's by Edward Van Halen when he literally turned the guitar-pl...(more)