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  1. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 4/16/2001 · 10591 Hits
    Playing from memory is a skill that I believe is not only possible for every player, but is indeed essential for every player. I never feel that I know a piece, or have "internalized" a piece, until I have been playing it for quite some time fro...(more)
  2. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 3/19/2001 · 5099 Hits
    There is a certain situation that guitar students can easily find themselves in, or, put more correctly, there is a certain situation that a student may actually <b>be</b> in, and not know it. In fact, it would be good if they did find themselve...(more)
  3. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 2/19/2001 · 9060 Hits
    Over the years, I have met many guitar students who could not actually play anything, even though they had taken lessons, perhaps for years. If they were asked to play something, the best they could do would be offer you some isolated "pieces...(more)
  4. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 9141 Hits
    As the years go by in the life of a player, there are two kinds of growth we can experience. Both are necessary for our development as musicians and guitarists. I call them Vertical Growth and Horizontal Growth. <br/><br/> Here is a common sce...(more)
  5. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 12/11/2000 · 5498 Hits
    One of the aspects of a properly balanced practice approach that is very often overlooked is <b>review</b>. The common tendency of most students is to focus on "new" things to play, even if last month's or last year's "new" thing was never prope...(more)
  6. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 10/30/2000 · 8221 Hits
    Could you imagine how good a band would be if the players weren't sure of who was supposed to play which notes? How good would their performance be if at rehearsals different members played different notes at different times? And yet, when guita...(more)
  7. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/18/2000 · 12368 Hits
    A guitarist is by nature an emotional sort of person. I mean, it's such an emotional instrument, I think it attracts people of a highly sensitive nature, who need to learn to play so they can express that emotion, so it doesn't drive them crazy,...(more)
  8. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 8/14/2000 · 14565 Hits
    In my last essay <a href="/articles/item.asp?i=71">Discover Your Discomfort</a>, I urged you to become aware of the sensations of discomfort you experience while practicing and playing. The reason is very simple. Until you do, you will not be ab...(more)
  9. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 7/17/2000 · 8262 Hits
    Okay, I'm going to explain some powerful things for the practicing guitarist who wants to see RESULTS from their practice. In other words, the guitarist who wants to do what I call CORRECT PRACTICE. <br/><br/> Have you ever had trouble playing...(more)
  10. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 6/19/2000 · 20410 Hits
    Many people begin to play the guitar by learning a few chord changes to their favorite song. In fact, I learned this way. There are many things to be aware of while doing this. There are things to know and do that can make it easier, and guar...(more)