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  1. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 5/9/2002 · 10037 Hits
    If you've played electric guitar long enough, and used a microphone at the same time, you've been shocked. While there are some amplifier conditions than can let stray currents escape, most of the time the problem lies in your power source for t...(more)
  2. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 11100 Hits
    Before we get into a discussion of preamps, perhaps an overview of exactly what amplification does is in order. While we may think of an amplifier as a device that just makes our instrument louder, it is really more of a copy machine and overhea...(more)
  3. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 11/13/2000 · 10946 Hits
    <b>Piezoelectronics</b><br> With piezo transducers, we are offered two basic styles in two different elements. The traditional crystal-based piezos are now being replaced by polymer based products. The main advantage of the polymers is a more co...(more)
  4. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 10/23/2000 · 9370 Hits
    Now we start getting to the meat of the matter, and the decisions made regarding transducers will bring on not only the most controversy, but also the most disappointment. We must understand that the selection of the pickup device is <b>always</...(more)
  5. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 9/18/2000 · 8257 Hits
    We will need to define the operating parameters of our acoustic amplification system; let us first name the parts. <ol> <li>The acoustic guitar itself(or whichever is your acoustic weapon of choice). <br/><br/> <li>The input transducer(pickup, m...(more)
  6. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 8/28/2000 · 6800 Hits
    If we didn't have amplification, the only distortions we would be dealing with would be the occasional broken brace rattling or our strings buzzing against the frets. With the advent of electricity, we opened up a whole new vocabulary of descrip...(more)
  7. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 8/7/2000 · 9113 Hits
    If you ever read stories about Les Paul, the great guitarist, inventor, and innovator, you are reading a capsule history of the amplification of our favorite instrument. His earliest tries at amplifying his guitar were to take a phonograph needl...(more)
  8. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 7/23/2000 · 8300 Hits
    Contrary to popular belief, fine acoustic instruments are not necessarily the instruments to have when we are looking for higher gain levels. That being said, in this series of articles we will try to determine not only what are the best instrum...(more)