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Heavy metal poisoning


Hi, I'm Adam Roy! I am an absolute guitar addict, and I spend hours every day playing/teching them. I like many kinds of music, everything from folk to funk to speed metal, but my favorite styles are acoustic folk pop and thrash/speed/power metal. Also, I've been significantly influenced by stoner metal such as Kyuss and Fu Manchu. I play in a thrash metal band called Arrakis, as well as writing and recording my own folk-pop project. I play three guitars, a fender HH standard strat for my electric, a johnson player series dreadnought steel string, and an old catalyud y gisbert nylon string.

Musical Influences

  • Acoustic: nick drake, leo kottke, joni mitchell, john fahey, bela fleck
  • electric: alexi laiho (children of bodom), mike akerfeldt (opeth), kerry king (slayer), glenn tipton (judas priest),
  • adrian smith (iron maiden), alex skolnick (testament), andreas kisser (sepultura) Josh Homme (kyuss), John Schaffer (Iced Earth)

Favorite Recordings

  • Metal: Hate Crew Deathroll (Children of Bodom), Welcome to Sky Valley (Kyuss), Reign in Blood (Slayer)
  • folk-pop: "the armadillo album" (leo kottke), pink moon (nick drake), bubblegum (mark lanegan),