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Andy Wood

Greetings fellow musicians!

I live in Melbourne Australia and I'm a guitarist of about 15 years. I also enjoy playing keyboards, bass and singing.

More info

I work as a teacher in a few schools teaching guitar. I am putting a new band together which is taking quite some time. I've written about 2 CD's worth of material with a keyboardist friend of mine. It's in the progressive rock genre so it's a tough sell in such a small market. We realise that we will have to move to the US at some stage to take things further - but first things first..

I have a degree in classical guitar and studied in Austria for a year. I use finger-picking techniques in my prog music quite often. I don't limit myself to any one style. To me it's all part of the one musical universe.

I have also played a lot of Jazz fusion music. My prog band is my outlet to express all my musical facets.

Musical Influences

  • Planet X/Dream Theater
  • Steve Vai
  • Sting/Police

Favorite Recordings

  • Sting - Dream of the Blue Turtles
  • Dream Theater - anything except "Train of Thought"!
  • Planet X - Live in OZ