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William Wilson

William Wilson

Classical Guitar Latin Style

In the music of William Wilson classical guitar lovers are presented with a unique combination of classical and world music influences. Solid command of his instrument mixes with a vibrant and refined repertory to create a compelling synthesis of passion and peace. My full website( provides you with the opportunity to experience my music and explore my background. The biography section contains an excerpt from my Master Class with Christopher Parkening, videos of earlier recitals, and photos from the past. Recordings are available, including my solo CD, La Catedral and my new release Tango for One featuring the music of Piazzolla and Ginastera. Also, visit the events section for a list of upcoming performances. I am also a guitar teacher, for information on Guitar Lessons in Encintias visit my teaching site

Other Things I do...

I also have two site devoted to helping you learn to play guitar and read music. They are and is a free web site I created to help other guitar players learn to read music and play guitar better. The essence of education is repetition. makes this repetition fun. Topics include learning chords, guitar trivia, sight reading, learning the fingerboard (notes on the guitar neck), and of course fighting space monsters. To learn guitar chords and a free guitar chord chart try Chord Mines. To learn to read music notes on guitar play Note Fish. Want to master the fretboard? Fret Tester should help. How about amazing your friends with your knowledge of guitar trivia, guitar history, and guitar players. is an online classical guitar method with a latin beat. You can learn the best of classical guitar technique while playing great latin music, nuevo flamenco, Bossa Nova, and more.

Musical Influences

  • John Williams
  • Pat Metheny
  • Peter Sprague

Favorite Recordings

  • Blurring the Edges
  • Raphael Rabello - Cry My Guitar
  • Paolo Bellinati - Music of Garoto