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Building A Monster


Hello, My name is Ron Brown, I've been playing guitar for 20 years, I've never taken a lesson, I do not read music and I'm just learning to read and write tab. Everything I've learned, all derived from one scale, the G major scale I think, I expanded it and simplified it, warped it to hell and back merged it and then it eventually led to new ones and played them over and over for years. The collection of great things i've been able to come up with have become quite extensive. My daughter is about to learn to play guitar now that she is 10, so before I forget something and lose it forever I wanted to put it all down on paper for her, and you if you like, just in case I'm hit by a mail man on the way to the mail box and die. I found this site while trying to learn tab and thought that this would be a great place to begin, at the same time i've learned some of the names of the scales that i've been playng for years but i'm not going to tell you the name of each one in this lesson, I'm a puzzle person, my guitar is my rubics cube, and I think in patterns, it is a visual thing for me, I also have a good ear, so instead of telling you what it is I will show you what it is in the way that i see it. I will try to show you how to play many scales and their relation to other scales, how they all fit together etc. Please take a look at my never ending lesson "Building A Monster", and tell me what you think about it and if it helps you. Thx

Musical Influences

  • Randy Rhoades, Sabbath
  • classical violin and piano, anything fast, I love Mozarts alla turca, smooth jazz is fun too
  • Thats about it for influences, don't listen to music much at all, don't have any cds

Favorite Recordings

  • keep your mind free from outside influences, and never play other peoples music, start early, you won't need lessons to write great things, but it could help to know what it is you are doing

Favorite Lessons