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Guy who owns (and loves) a guitar

my baby! Did I mention that I love this thing!

Just me

Average workaday schmoe with a job, wife, 3 kids and not enough time to practice. I finally got myself an instrument that makes practicing fun instead of frustrating. I could spend hours just noodling with this guitar. The breadth of tone it can produce is amazing! The biggest advice I could give to any beginner is to GET YOURSELF A NICE INSTRUMENT. Trying to force my way through bad action on an axe,that usually sounded crappy anyway hampered my development as a player for way too long.

Wide variety of musical tastes

In the past week I've been listening Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, The Allman Brothers, Doc Watson, Melvin Sparks, Galactic, Django and various Praise and Worship CD's. I'll admit to being a DeadHead as well, albeit one who doesnt' necessarily think Garcia was the best guitar player in that band.

Musical Influences

  • Warren Haynes, Doc Watson, Albert Lee, The Radiators
  • Danny Gatton, Josh White, Elvis...
  • growing onto the list are a couple of guys from WN via their great lessons

Favorite Recordings

  • The Radiators - Live at GAMH
  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
  • 5/8/77, 6/17/89