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Hey Kids, What's New?

Thanks for visiting my homepage. I have just started learning how to play the guitar. This web site is one of the best ones and that's why I became a member. Any members with any pointers I can use please send them my way. Thank you in advance.

About me.

I love listening to metal music so I figured I'd learn how to play it also. I live in Phoenix AZ .I work full time and I'm in the air national guard so I'm rather busy most of the time but I do find time to practice/play my Dean electric guitar. Other than that there's not much to write.

Musical Influences

  • Black Sabbath / Tony Iommi
  • Pantera / Phil & Dimebag (Yes Phil plays guitar)
  • Zakk Wylde & Slash

Favorite Recordings

  • All Pantera
  • Black Sabbath's Vol. 4
  • BLS - The Blessed Hell Ride