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About Me?

Hi my name is Martin Gill im 16 and im goin to art college soon, i have 1 sister and thats all thank god! My fav band is muse but i also like blink, chilli peppers, linkin park, lost prophets, i think thats it.

Hopefully a band

Hopefully ill be makin a band, when my freind from school gets a bass, and when i find a drummer, buts its nothing yet cos im still crap at guitar!!

Musical Influences

  • Matt Bellamy
  • Aidan my freind hes the one who got me into guitar
  • I Dunno

Favorite Recordings

  • Hysteria (muse) (only jus learned to play da song)
  • Whats My Age Again (Blink 182)
  • New Born (muse)