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Quicksand Jesus

Once apon a time...

My name is neil (22) i live in surrey and i've been playing guitar about 3 years now. Recently i've actually started to properlly learn my scales and theory and i've gained a more defined view of the music i want to make..think gary moore..meets bon jovi with a slight twist of dire straights and thats the sort of bizare world i live in :D IM at best an intermediate guitarist right now but its an all consuming passion of mine to be as good as i can..not because i've a big ego..but mostly because the better i am the more fun playing becomes and guitar is something i love to play :D

a little about me...

i was at uni, studying forensic science, but i've dropped out now (long story) so now im working and playing guitar. Music is my life really love the stuff and never get enough..hence an eclectic taste...mainly hair metal and blues but also spanish, rock, nu-metal, thrash, death metal...anything i can listen to really thats all for now folks :D

Musical Influences

  • Bon jovi (first band with a guitar in i heard, thats what started it all)
  • Gary moore
  • Dire straights