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Christian Miller - jazz guitar/bouts of oddness

At a recent gig with Miguel Ramon on sax and Mike Flynn on bass.


Born in 1977, I caught the guitar bug through listening to too much Jimi Hendrix and Chicago blues. Later guitar obsessions involved Frank Zappa which led onto a keen interest in jazz and contemporary concert music. I think I've had a go at playing most kinds of guitar - playing everywhere they'd let me from hip-hop records to opera orchestras (counting - arghh!) Still, it's jazz that I keep coming back to on the guitar - inspired by my unwavering love of the jazz guitar greats and an unhealthy obsession with the recordings of John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

Other musical activities involve singing as a classical bass-baritone, both on the opera stage, in churches and in concerts hall, solo, ensemble and in choirs. Early music is a particular geeky obsession, as is pointless guitar shop talk. Bring it on!

You can hear some brief samples of one of my current projects here:


Playing gigs, studying music, movement and drama, working in an office(still!) trying to keep my head together.


Musical Influences

  • Claudio Monteverdi, Henry Purcell, JS Bach, Guilluame de Machaut, Gustav Mahler, Duke Ellington
  • John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Steve Coleman, London piano monster Robert Mitchell (check him out!)
  • Gyorgy Ligeti, John Adams, Steve Reich, Igor Stravinsky, Pierre Boulez, Benjamin Britten, James Brown, Stevie Wonder

Favorite Recordings

  • Miles Davis - the complete '64 concert
  • Andrew Parrott & Taverner Consort - Monteverdi Vespers 1610
  • Miles Davis - In a Silent Way