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Hey, Im a 17 year old guitar & bass player. I go to an all guys boarding school in Elkhorn, Nebraska (Mt. Michael.) I have attempted to play piano, french horn and harmonica. I've been playing Guitar and Bass for a few years now. I took guitar lessons for about a year from the awesome guitarist Jason Ferguson, he is the guitarist in the band Sarah Benck and the Robbers. I had to quit when i went to Mt. Michael. I have some stuff at (but I'm not on it that much any more My Bass Guitar Stuff I also teach guitar to some friends and family.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EQUIPMENT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I currently have 6 guitars; an espana classical guitar, a martin & Co. 6-string, a Fender 12-string, a Squire 6-string electric telecaster,, an Ibanez Alticore Semi-hollow and a Line6 Variax 300. I use my Fender half-stack, and my Line6 Spider II 2X10. I have a Korg Toneworks AX1500G Multi-Effects processor. I had a bass guitar and a bass amp but i sold those to my cousin so that he could learn.

Musical Influences

  • Clapton, SRV
  • Hendrix, Satriani
  • malmsteen, Rhodes

Favorite Recordings

  • to many to list...