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This is my WashBurn V Series

Why a guit?

I know this website will not be popular, but I will explain why I play guitar instead of any other instrument.

My first guitar I had was 15 years ago, a little basic guit. I first play country music to learn how to play chord. After a while I asked my parent to buy me an electric guitar, first they didnt want, but after a will they did. My father is a violon player for 30 years, he's really good. When I start on my electric guitar I tried to play master of puppet (metallica), and I did with a lot of practice. One of my quality is to be patient in anything, and this is a good quality to have when you want to be a guitar player.

My first electric guitar was a Yamaha Eterna, I had it for 4 years, after I bought a Barracuda, same style than the yamaha but better sound. 10 years after I bought my WashBurn with a life warranty, V Series, very good sound (for me) I like the design on it. I learn how to play metallica for a long time, and after I tried other band, like pantera and some death metal.

But I was tired of that stuff so I tried to learn some stuff on Joe Satriani, and I found a song on the internet played by Jason Becker and everything change in my musical style after that. I learn how to make my own stuff, how to do solo. I tried hard but after a while I just stop learning.

So I bought a drum, tried it for a while and sold it, tried a bass. When I found this site I started back to play on my guit again. Since that I try to learn more and to create something different of everyone.

When I play on my guit everything else disapear, all the stress, all the conflict, thats the best way for me to relax.

Well I thing I said enough :P You know, the best way to learn is to play with other people, or try to record yourself and play with you. Patient is the key.

Musical Influences

  • Jason Becker