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Black Sabbath Worship Page

Black Sabbath (Geezer Butler,Bill Ward,Ozzy Osbourne and[god among men]Tony Iommi)

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!!

well i think the site name perdy much gives away what my page is about

About Me...

Well here's me....Zakk....some kid that doesn't leave hisroom unless its tuesdays(guitar lessons) music is my life....i don't do anything that isn't somehow music related a hermit

Musical Influences

  • Black Sabbath/Matt Shelvock(my guitar teacher)
  • Metallica/Dark Tranquility
  • Megadeth/Iron Maiden

Favorite Recordings

  • Dark Tranquility-Monochromatic Stains
  • Black Sabbath-Rat Salad/Orchid
  • Metallica-Blackened