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Who is Roger

I've been playing since the 80's . I'm 34 I play Lead and Sing. I like stuff New and Old but not before the 80's, unless we do a re-do.

Guitar playing is the most fun when you've put the hard work into practice, you have your stuff down. I teach some younger guitar player, and one way you can really tell the guitarist and just a player is there commitment to hard practice.

Many guitar players have this problem, think about do you have that problem.I think practice sucks sometimes, but for the most part it's a trill and more to be challenged to push your self beyond any thing you've tried before.Super fast lick are the most boring to start out try and learn, but once your brain has the finger movements, and up,down picking are on time, you'll love the reward for your hard work.But practice is a must for all and I know you agree, but how serious are you about practice.

Freedom comes from practice

If you ever want to get the full joy from your playing then your going to have to practice. I know some guitar players who are like a countdown on the radio, they play little pieces of songs but only a couple full songs, these are guitar players, they want title, fame but these players will destroy there chances with more serious players why you may ask? Most of these players only want to learn the cool licks you show them, but if it takes practice and they can't get it in a hour then they quit trying it.

If you want to ever freedom from those worries, hope I don't mess up, how'd that go again, were are they playing at, if you want to enjoy what real freedom and the true rush of a great jam.


If it's hard to do then it's for you. Be a guitarist not just a player.

Be Cool Roger

Musical Influences

  • Slash
  • Joe perry, Richie Sambora-bon jovi,
  • Kirk hammett,james