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I guess a little bit of a bio is what is expected? Born 1964, a navy brat. My brother borrowed a guitar and took a couple of lessons. Showed me the riff to "Day Tripper" starting my lifelong love affair with live music. Learned a couple of chords from a friend in high school and taught myself the rest of what little I know by reading, watching, listening and asking. Started my first band "2nd Childhood" in late 2001. We had fun playing Blues/R&R/classic Rock covers at local bars and benefits until mid 2004. As so many do, we grew in different directions. I am deciding now what kind of project I would like to create next.


Guitars: Fender Jpn.Squier Strat(w/t Duncan mini59 in the bridge),Cort Cl1500,Washburn d10ce,Fender Mexi Tele Amp:Carvin Nomad(older) 50watt tube 1x12 Effects:Boss TU2>Boss CS3>Boss BD2 Cables:Monster Jazz and Rock Strings:GHS or D'Addario .011's except for the Wasburn (.012's because .013's were bulging the sound board).

Musical Influences

  • Like everyone else.........Everything I have ever heard.

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by SRV, Beach Boys, Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  • Desperado Soundtrack
  • All the great Blues Artists from the Beginning to the Present.