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Playing a solo

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I don't have much to say here right now, but soon I will! In the middle of a band-switcheroo at the moment, and about to graduate high school. So here's a nifty story: My uncle is the guitarist for Vancouver band Nomeansno. When they played in Edmonton a few years ago my friend, a bass player, played with them, which was the thrill of a lifetime because his biggest influence/idol is Nomeansno's bass player Rob Wright.

Guitar Bits

As for equipment, for the time being my trusty Squier Telecaster is retired. I've set to work sanding all the finish off it to repaint it in an Eric-Clapton "The Fool" SG kind of way.

Guitars I DO use right now are an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, with a random Gibson pickup my uncle gave me in the bridge, and a Fender 50th Anniversay 1954 Standard Stratocaster, which plays and sounds like nothing else.

One of those goes into a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, then a EH Big Muff Pi, then a Zvex Fuzz Factory, then a EH Small Clone Phaser, and finally a standard Dunlop Crybaby. Then my amp, which is a Marshall 100-watt AVT my uncle gave me on top of a Marshall 1960A cab.

Musical Influences

  • This list could truly go forever. John Frusciante, Keith Richards, Peter Green, my Dad Phil Merklinger, Nels Cline
  • Ron Wood, Steve Cropper, Trey Anastasio, Robbie Roberston, Mick Taylor, Eddie Hazel, J. Mascis
  • Tom Holliston, Jack White, Johnny Ramone, Steve Jones, Daron Malakian, Ron Asheton, John Mayer

Favorite Recordings

  • Live at Slane Castle - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Everything by John Frusciante
  • Live at the Boston Tea Party - Fleetwood Mac, One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic
  • Music from Big Pink - The Band, Brussels Affair - The Rolling Stones, Interstellar Space Revisited - Nels Cline and Gregg Bendian