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Acoustic Bluesman

My newest baby

Thirty Years of Beginning Guitar!

Hi. I'm Wayne. I've been playing guitar since I was in 2nd grade and never stopped. I've played in bands, played solo to earn money to get through college, and now I just play for me. It's been my profession, my hobby, and my escape for over 30 years now and I still read ever beginner lesson I can find (not to mention the rest of them, but it's the basics that we can always improve on!)

Current Setup

I've owned so many guitars in my life that it only makes sense to mention what I'm playing now. As picture, my current baby is a Taylor 814ce that I bought a few months ago to replace my c. 1986 Alvarez Yairi DY61. The AY generated a very loud, rich tone with its cedar top and sappele sides and back. With the right strings, it's very sweet to play, but is more geared to strumming than fingerstyle or jazz/blues (which is what I play mostly, despite forays into classical and fingerstyle blues). The Taylor is truly the most versatile guitar I've ever played -- sweet, rich tones. It's as nice for strumming (although not too, too hard) as it is for soulful, melodic blues. It doesn't have the volume of some guitars, but in the case of this Taylor, less is more -- people hush up to listen to the delicate tones and angelic vibratos this guitar is capable of.

Not pictured is my PRS Custom 22 Brazilian Limited. This may be the most aesthetically perfect guitar I've ever owned (the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and headstock are gorgeous). It's also one of the best playing guitars I've ever come across. It has its own feel, but can generate such a wide variety of tone that it's all-too-often judged on how accurate a "strat" or "LP" sound it has. Someday, people will be rating other guitars on how well they produce that "PRS" sound ;)

Musical Influences

  • Larry Carlton
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Francisco Tarrega

Favorite Recordings

  • Donald Fagan's "The Nightly"
  • Larry Carlton's "Room 335"
  • Dave Matthews "Crash"