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Jammin' on the Beach

Hey, this is me

Welcome! I find myself new to the guitar again after a 20 year hiatus. I started playing when I was about 10 - taught myself and did well. I had little-kid gigs and lived inside the music until I left college. I put it down for some reason when I grew up. I pulled a dusty ovation knock-off out of a closet a year ago and have rediscovered the love of my life. I picked up my chords, strumming and pickin' pretty fast. Now I find my theory and scales are sad little puppy skills. I've been practicing 'til it hurts every night for months. Finding this site and the lessons has been killer. I'm advancing again and I really dig it.


Thanks to all who answered my post on Fretbuzz about trying to find a decent guitar under $500. I found it and I'm very satisfied - an Alvarez RD8 that came complete with a very nice hard case. See my review for details. I also store in a closet two ancient classical nylon-strings and the aformentioned old Ovation knock-off. I'll get there :)

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Page, David Gilmour
  • Neil Young, Steve Winwood
  • B. B. King,

Favorite Recordings

  • Carlos Santana - Europa
  • ELP - From the Beginning
  • Habib Koite and Bamada - Baro