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Welcome and now for the war dance. HOO-HAA HOO-HAA

Hello everyone my name is Lincoln. I look forward to meeting most of you at one time or another. I have been playing for about 7 years total. I started playing when I was 14 which was with the bass and 4 months later the guitar. I played for about 6 years and then took a year or 2 off and played for another 6 to 8 months. Now it has been 6 or 7 later and I have picked up the guitar again amzingly retaining most of the knowledge that I learned in the past and just had to get my fingers in working order again. Now there almost amazing. I'm a better player now than I was then.....go figure hahahahaha. I'm still not playing Malmsteen but I am Learning solos from my god the almighty Kirk Hammet which hasnt been easy I might add. I'm sure there is much I can learn from most of you and that makes it a whole new experience on its own. May the better man win...........LOL. Just kidding. I'm not the competitive type.


Well I must say that I have only known about this site for about a week and my playing has went up 2 fold. I practice roughly between 8 to 10 hours a day and have printed out well over 200 pages of material from here. Thank You to the greatest degree WholeNote. My current equipment is an ESP LTD KH-603 guitar ($899.99) with Line 6 Spider II 150 watt 2X12 combo ($469.99). No effects at this time other than what came with the amp. Future prospects are the ESP LTD KH-602 and a Vox wah. As some may see I am a Kirk Hammet super freak. I do so love ESP guitars. I think there the greatest thing since sliced bread. I also Love Gibson Les Pauls, Jacksons, Fenders and Ibanez. I think the B.C. Rich Beast guitar is pretty cool but........I only like the headstock not to sure about the exotic style body. For that matter the warlock isn't bad either. I have played on a gibson explorer ($440), a C.F. Martin telecaster ($200), a Hohner bass ($200) and I have also played on a Kramer Striker series guitar ($500). That is what I have Owned in the past guitar wise and as far as amps go I started out on a Dean Markley micro stack (2 2 inch speakers one over another $30-40), Then I got a Dean Markley combo with an 8 inch speaker no distortion ($70-80), then I got an Ampeg VH-190C errr... something like that with a 2X12 cabinet (head was like $450 and the cabinet $210) and then there was the Crate Half Stack which I dont remember the model # cause it stunk so bad (head $260 4X12 cabinet $240). As far as amps that I like but can't really afford are Mesa Boogies MK IV or thier Road King Stack, Marshall's Mode Four, Line 6 I already have, just wanted the half stack version, Fenders are ok havent tried to many of them but they lack what i seek in distortion but then again I havent tried to many. I would also like to check out Crate's Blue Voo Doo 300. Now there is a Crate I wouldn't mind giving a test drive. Sometime soon I shall have photos of me and my guitar. That will be guitars soon enough.

Musical Influences

  • Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament, Pantera, Exodus, Ministry, White Zombie,Static-X,SoulFly
  • Led Zeppellin, Pink Floyd, Lynard Skynard
  • Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Alex Skolnick, B.B. King, John Petrucci and Randy Rhoads,

Favorite Recordings

  • Master of Puppets, And Justice For All,
  • Dark Side of the Moon, Rust in Peace,
  • Randy Rhoads Tribute Album