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Land ho!

All you'll need to know:

I'm Robin. I'm 16 and I have a Gibson Melody Maker, but only because my mom loves me a lot!

I live in North Dakota, so we don't get a lot of good concerts out here. Dashboard Confessional came through here..'nuff said.

"So Robin..Randy or Eddie?"

I try not to get into just one type of music. I like metal, old school punk, bluegrass and blues. I'm trying to learn more and grow so I'm not stuck using the same three chords (that was only cool when Johnny did it.)

My influences include: Mick Jones (The Clash) because I like the way he puts songs together, Mark Knopfler because his lead really jumped out when I first heard "Sultans of Swing", Chrissie Hynde because her rhythms are really solid and she can write songs in all sorts of different styles, Robert Johnson (he must have sold his soul!) but above all my mother-a metalhead who let me play around with her Ibanez as a young child.

And I like both Randy and Eddie...okay, so I'm a tad more partial to Randy, but Eddie's really cool too. This is hard!

Favorite Recordings

  • Right now: Sleater-Kinney's new album The Woods (saw them this summer...they rock. even without a bass player.)
  • The O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack (I was all "zomg! Robert Johnson! squee...why are they calling him Tommy?")
  • The Clash's London Calling. (I usually freak out if I don't hear a song off of here each day.)