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Me and my guitar...


Well what should I say?... I play in two bands (1 for the money, 1 for the show), I studied music in an academy for 2 years, and the little time I have free I practice and study some theory. My band has two years since oct. 2001 and we've been playing covers from the start. Personaly I'm a little tired of playing other peoples music, so me and my band are trying to get used to jaming around all the timing, just music for music's sake. I think that's the way it's done...


Neste momento estou a morar em S. Mamede de Infesta e gostaria de tocar num grupo de originais. Se precisarem mandem uma mensagem.

Musical Influences

  • Funk & blues
  • Dave Matthews
  • Pearl Jam

Favorite Recordings

  • Californication, RHCP. Pocket full of kryptonite, Spin Doctors
  • Ten, Pearl Jam
  • Before these crowded streets, Dave Matthew's