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Croog music

Mean and moody!!

I don't think anyone ever visits this page!!

Hi, i'm Craig Gregory (Croog) Visit My Site Here!!!

Whoever heard of a bionic egg?

One day we will see more cars fitted with rubber suckers minus the garfield! Anybody out there (Chester, Cheshire, UK) wanting to jam, get in touch. Also have a look at my personal website, it contains links to other guitar related stuff, and also a link to some MP3 tunes of mine. Or if you wanna just go straight to the mp3's VISIT MY MUSICBUILDER SITE FOR MP3'S!

Musical Influences

  • Pearl Jam
  • Beatles
  • Isaac Guillory

Favorite Recordings

  • Pearl Jam: Breathe
  • Jeff Buckley: Grace
  • Nick Harper: There is magic in this world (Live)

Favorite Lessons