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A Short Bio

My name is Kevin Ekstrom; a friend who played acoustic guitar influenced me at the age of 12. My friend who will remain nameless wasnt very good but the noise he made was enough to get my blood pumping in a most curious way. I knew that I had to have a guitar and I also knew I would take it serious and move beyond the noise my friend made.

33 years later I find myself immersed in Jazz/Fusion. It was a long and winding road reaching this place but every step of the way has been fun, informative, and exciting. My younger years detoured me down Metal Lane, which I found via Rock/Blues road. I may never have taken a stroll down Rock/Blues road if it wasnt for the pop influence of The Beatles.

Many styles of guitar players have influenced me, from Gorge Harrison to Steve Vai. As I said: it has been a long and winding road.

Favorite Gear :

I have used a variety of gear over the years. My favorite amps would be Mesa Boogies, being that I dont play out these days I have settled for a Line 6 Spider II amp.

My guitars:

1. Carvin SC 90

2. Schecter Tempest Custom

3. Schecter Ultra

Musical Influences


Favorite Recordings

  • Steve Vai- ( For The Love Of God)
  • Dream Theater- ( Pull Me Under )
  • DiMeola- ( Race with The Devil On Spanish Highway)