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Christopher Ford


Rock Head busting out of a Bluesmans box.

Hi all, I am Christopher Ford. I have been playing in my own band for about 10 years. I still consider myself a beginner at guitar. I have had some local success with my band because I always hire guys who are the best in the area. I always try to have a second guitar who has got something to be learned. You can just call me a sponge. However, I am not very interested in re-creating what I hear. I prefer to injest it, and then improvise it from my heart. Likely story eh! haha! Ten years later and I guess I am starting to have my own style. Maybe a few more and the self loathing will subside ...

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Vaughan
  • Muddy (of course)
  • Shuggie Otis (Ha!)