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Mark Gosney

My Bio

I started playing music (The Piano) when I was 6 years old, and played it exclusively until I was a teenager. I then bacame interested in rock music and started playing my moms acoustic guitar and the rest is history. I played off and on until I was twenty three years old, which is when I started getting serious about it. I played eight hours a day. I started takeing guitar lessons from Darin Morris who is a GIT grad where I studied with him for about two years. I then met Joey Taffola the Shrapnel Recording artist through a friend and I took lessons from him for over two years. Under his direction I worked on my right and left hand technique, I worked on my sweep picking and studied the applications of arpeggios, modes, and other theoritical things to rock music.

Latest Projects

1. Working on my new website. Get Guitar Lessons Check it out!

2. My new personal website

3. New music which is currently posted at: My Sound Station Site

Musical Influences

  • Yngwie Malmsteen - John Petrucci
  • Paul Gilbert - Tony MacAlpine
  • Vinnie Moore - Joey Taffola

Favorite Recordings

  • Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out
  • Dream Theater - Images and Words
  • Dream Theater - Awake