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Trying to make it musical...

There's always something to learn...

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I'll post some tunes in the near future...

Most of my repertoire (that sounds really snobbish when I read it) is solo acoustic songs. I know parts of many electric songs, but I need to commit to learning the whole thing and then laying down a guitar track with a backing track.

Musical Influences

  • Usually a gifted player who can also write memorable tunes...
  • Right now I am still learning to play so mostly I am influenced by guitarists.
  • I want to emulate players like Eric Johnson, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Metheny, Steve Howe, and others.

Favorite Recordings

  • Can't list them all, but here are the albums I have worn out over the years:
  • Pat Metheny - Travels, Letter from Home, White album; Eric Johnson - A Via Musicom; Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries; Rush - Permanent Waves, Farewell to Kings; Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here; Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti, I-IV, Houses of the Holy
  • Yes - Fragile, Close to the Edge, The Yes Album; King Crimson - Discipline; Van Halen - I; Wagner's Ring Cycle (orchestral movements), Mozart's 25th & 40th Symphonies; Steely Dan - Aja; Police - Zenyatta Modatta; Tommy Emmanuel - Only