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My name's Evan, and I love playing guitar. Thanks for taking time to get to know me. I was once a member here a couple years back, but my old lessons were pretty lame. If you liked the John Petrucci lesson, then I apologize because all of that was tabbed/learned wrong. hehe. Well since then ive gotten a lot better. Ive just put out a "favorite shred licks" lesson. I had to get it outta me! I love blues, and jazz so much more then shred, but since it was the first "cool" technique I learned, Its incorporated into my playing.

Bottom line is that id rather here a FEW eye squeezing, heart wrenching notes, then a million bad ones...

Musical Influences

  • John Petrucci-Dream Theater-Greg Howe(Among many other of the like, these guys taught me technique)
  • Carlos Santana-Trey Anastasio(Big time for my improvisational skills, both of these guys)
  • Steely Dan(COMPOSITION INFLUENCE!)Killer guitar player too.