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Hi Everyone!

My name is Mark. I've played the guitar for about 30-35 years now, a wide array of styles. I'm totally self taught. Though I never got to take lessons, I currently teach at a local music store. Teaching is an incredible experience, I really enjoy watching other people learn & helping them. I'm glad I could help others. To me, it's all about sharing the music. I began by playing folk songs & bluegrass, but switched my interest over to Rock & Roll in my late teens. I've been involved in many bands & groups over the years, ranging from Heavy Metal to country music that has included lots of public performances. Growing weary of the hassles involved with performing with groups, I totally quit playing for a span of about 10 years. I really developed a horrible attitude towards music in general during this period. Since this time I have re discovered the guitar & have played in a classic rock band that has sense hung up. I now focus on teaching & public performances for charities, etc. either by myself or with my students. I'm having more fun playing the guitar now that I ever have, it's awesome!It's all about having fun!

In short, I love the guitar, it simply fascinates me, it is truly a remarkable instrument


I've noticed lots of posts on here listing equipment, so here we go!

Guitars: 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, 2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom (antique white Randy Rhoads style), 1956 Buddy Holly reissue Fender Stratocaster, 1969? Kustomcraft (my first electric), 1996 yamaha APX-4 Acoustic Electric 12 string, 2006 Alhambra 6P acoustic classical, 2008 Hohner CE800 electric classical, 2014 Seagull acoustic dreadnaught 2013 Recording King ROH-05 "Dirty Thirties" acoustic 2013 Recording King ROM-06-CFE4 acoustic electric

Marshall 5212 combo amp, Marshall 150AVT 1/2 stack, Boss & Marshall effects, Dean Markley Blue Steel acoustic & electric strings, Dean Markley master Series nylon strings, Monster cables

Musical Influences

  • Beethoven
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Randy Rhoads

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Beethoven
  • Hendrix: The Star Spangled Banner @ Woodstock
  • Rhoads: Diary of a Mad Man