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Randy Ellefson

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Rand has played guitar since age 13 after being mesmerized by the first live guitar performance he saw. A natural composer, he quickly started writing and recording on both acoustic and electric guitar at home. He built his first electric for a 9th grade science project, then built another two years later and hasn't played another electric guitar since. College turned him on to classical composition, though circumstances forced him into earning a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna Cum Laude, instead. The resulting practice caused such severe tendinitis in both arms that, one year later, he completely lost the ability to play for an entire year. Another four years would pass before fully recovering his playing. He has now risen from his ashes to launch his career with his debut instrumental guitar album, The Firebard, released in June, 2004.

The Firebard

The first album of ten instrumental rock songs is now available as free downloads from Rand's official site,, along with tablature, videos, and album art. Stay tuned for details.

Rand built both electric guitars himself at ages 14 and 16 with a little help from some professionals at a nearby store (he wasn't crazy enough to cut into a $150 guitar neck with a power tool he'd never seen before). Each guitar has a Floyd Rose tremolo, Schaller tuners, a Seymour Duncan Custom pickups and a maple neck with maple fingerboard. He uses Ernie Ball 5150 strings.

Rand has also had a terrible experience with tendinitis. You can read all about the injury and recovering at