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Luke Price aka Big Guy Bald Head

A Little About Me

Well I thought I would fill this out, there are some good people on this site who have got good home pages with interesting info so thought I would return the favour.

Where to begin? I started playing guitar briefly when I was about 12 and gave up within about 2 weeks hehe.

When I was about 18 I was at a friends house and he had this battered old Vintage (brand name) Music Man Stingray copy. It was easily the coolest thing I had ever seen and bought it off him on the spot and started learning bass. I played a couple of small gigs with the same guy I bought it from as his bass player (his master plan I assume) and then headed off to university to do a computer science degree... ouch.

I couldnt find a band to play with at uni and got a little frustrated playing bass alone so I picked up my mothers old acoustic (you can almost smell hippy hemp on it) and started learning Nirvana songs. I got ok, not great, then halfway through the first year something happened which changed things forever.

The same guy I bought my bass from had an Epiphone Les Paul just lying around with 3 strings on it; I was in love. Even with 3 strings I picked it up and it just felt right. I bought the guitar from him for a cool 200 and never looked back. Have been hammering out songs for the last 3 years since I bought it and loved every second.

I still play bass with the same guy in a band ( check us out) and love it, but I am busy trying to put my own home recording studio together and get my music out there.

The Gear.

I am quite the little GAS sufferer. Currently I own

Guitars: Music Man Stingray bass copy (see above). Dodgy battered no name spanish acoutic that plays like s--- but sounds amazing. Epiphone Les Paul (see above). Variax 500

Amps: Crate G600 XL head (it sucks but has been a workhorse as I have been learning)

Cabs: 4x12 300w Marshall JCM800 Lead - 1960 loaded with 4 celestion 75w speakers. (Its a beast *grin*)

Pedals: (deep breath). Digitech Whammy Pedal. Boss V-Wah. Marshall ED-1 compressor. Arion SAD-1 stereo analogue delay (I know arion have a bad rep but the sound on this little thing is awesome). Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes. Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeller. Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. Boss TR-2 tremolo. Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal (new one). Danelectro Blue Paisley Pure Drive. Electro Harmonix Octave Multiplexer. Boss Metal Zone. Pro Co Rat (70's Old One). POD XT Live.

Right, currently my setup goes guitar -> Whammy -> Hot Tubes set for overdrive -> Arion Analogue Delay -> DM4 -> Wah -> DD-3 -> Tremolo -> POD XT Live (as a preamp) -> Amp line in so amp is essentially just a power amp.

I shall be buying a JCM800 soon and doing away with the POD, thank christ. I also want to lay my hands on a strat.

Musical Influences

  • Smashing Pumpkins, Eels
  • Pearl Jam, Tool
  • Rage Against the Machine, Weezer

Favorite Recordings

  • Siamese Dream (Pumpkins)
  • No Code (Pearl Jam)
  • Shootenanny (Eels)