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Hi, I'm Ralph Meadus. A home grown Newfoundlander.I love to play the Guitar.I have been playing since I was 10 (thats a long time). I have played in a couple of rock bands and a couple of irish bands including a band called gold rush with Two of the founding members of the Irish Descendents. D'Arcy and Larry. At present time I am involved with a group of great guys ,we are putting together a show for the Heritage committee in our home town. I have my favorites,a 1954 gibson song bird, a 1980 fender strat, a 1970 ovation 1225 electric the only one I have ever seen. My present love is a 2002 washburn d-67.

Present and past

All my life I have jumped from accoustic to electric. At times I love to wail away at the Strat and the Marshall. And other times I am happy to play the banjo or the washburn and get folky. Here it is April 04 and I am rocking away. ZZ top once said "keep playing those same 3 or 4 chords"

Musical Influences

  • Neil Young
  • Eric Clapton
  • Leonard Skynard

Favorite Recordings

  • Neil young, Decade
  • Ralph Meadus, Legacy
  • Irish Desecendents, Gypsys and Lovers