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i like it Alot

welcome to my very own page i play an Ibanez sa on a crate gt 212 i play southern rock / blues / old style metal im 27 years young but they say never to old to start. i really tried to start playing when i was about 16 but my funds & gear sucked and i gave up but here i am again 11 years later re learning everything i've forgotin


my quest now is to learn & teach others how to play because i have no desire to play in a band /be a rock star, just to play. right now im showing my eight year old son the basics as i learn them too.he loves to play and he learns quickly what ever i show really tripps my freinds when they see a little kid jamming hells bells/smoke on the water/high way to hell there all amazed. and it makes me feel good. maybe its my purpose in life who knows

Musical Influences

  • metalica/acdc /lynard skynard/molly hatchet
  • pantera/ testament /ministery / prong
  • steveie ray/ bb king/ hendriex/ZZ top

Favorite Recordings

  • all acdc / skynard /and anything southern rock /blues
  • cowboys from hell / souls of black
  • pride&joy/ little wing /purple haze/waitin for the bus /tush/ lagrange