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Matthew Leering

How Leering Eyes See

I enjoy music that goes outside the imaginary limits that seem to be put in place by our mainstream media. For the most part I do lean towards heavy or dark music for this, but as of late have been exploring avant garde jazz and noise as well. My main musical focus is my guitar playing. I also sing and drum regularly which I think add a lot of insight into the way I look at a guitar. I've been playing since 1993, and there's no end in sight.

Under Construction

Though I don't have any formal music training, I have picked up the odd trick or two over the years. When this page is complete, I hope to be able to simply explain as many as I can.

Musical Influences

  • Mike Patton
  • John Zorn
  • TOOL

Favorite Recordings

  • Lateralus
  • Mr. Bungle
  • What Burns Never Returns